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This first residential high-rise in Rotterdam was realised by architect Van Tijen, at his own risk. When it was built, the structure was experimental. The steel skeleton guaranteed a flexible floor plan for the luxurious flats, each of which covered an entire floor. Van Tijen himself lived in the penthouse for some time, where a spacious roof terrace offers a view of the Maas.

Designed by: W. van Tijen (1931-1933)


  • Things to do
    Climbing the tower of the Laurenskerk / Grote- of St. Laurenskerk
  • Things to do
    Abseiling and zip wire / Euromast
  • Places to go
    Raderstoomboot De Majesteit
  • Places to go
    De Rotterdam
  • Things to do
    Boat excursion Rotterdam - Kinderdijk / Rebus Varende Evenementen
  • Places to go
    Walk of Fame Europe