Luxor Theater Rotterdam


nieuwe Luxor Theater
Posthumalaan 1
3072 AG Rotterdam



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New Luxor Theatre

The New Luxor Theatre, also reputed to be the most beautiful theatre in the Netherlands, is a large theatrical venue that offers long series of productions, including musicals, shows, cabaret, theatre concerts, opera and dance. The Luxor also puts on productions aimed at young people and families.

The typically theatrical red colour of the Luxor exudes a warmth that can be felt both inside and outside the building and is noticeable throughout the area. Visitors may expect to be repeatedly amazed.

The materials and shapes of the new Luxor Theater reflect a mixture of solid nautical history and an intimate and festive theatre atmosphere. An intricate system of foyers and staircases are grouped around the main theatre. A spectacular access ramp for trucks circles around the outside of the building.

Designed by Bolles + Wilson (1996-2001)


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