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Cycling in and around Rotterdam

Cycling in and around Rotterdam

It’s great cycling in Rotterdam and the surrounding areas, and you can – literally and figuratively – go in every direction: admire the architecture of the city, get windswept along the water, discover the port of Rotterdam or enjoy nature in the parks and outdoor areas. Good to know: Rotterdam has plenty of cycle paths and is part of the cycle junction network. In the city are several free bicycle parking areas where you can also charge your electric bike.

Below we provide you with a few tips for routes which you can download or compose using junctions. There are also several cycle maps available or on sale at Rotterdam Tourist Information. No bike with you? Then hire one from a bike rental company.

If you prefer a (custom-made) cycle tour with a guide, click here for a list of bike tours in Rotterdam.

Admire the city

The route Roaming Rotterdam (10 km, available at Rotterdam Tourist Information) takes you past iconic architecture and the highlights of Rotterdam. From the late-Gothic Laurenskerk to the futuristic Markthal. From the Cube Houses on the Blaak to the gleaming high-rises at Kop van Zuid.

The free app Cycle Route Rotterdam (23 km) brings you from the Oude Noorden to the Markthal and from the harbours at Zuid to the typical Rotterdam shops in West. Along the way, twelve Rotterdammers share their stories of the city.

Rotterdam grabs 7th by having lots of new bike lanes, a high bicycle modal share, and the highest number of bike shops per 10k of the Netherlands.

The 100 Best Cities in the World to Ride a Bicycle Research report by Dutch moving platform

Discover the port and the water

Route Rondje M4H (9 km) takes you through the Merwe-Vierhavens area. The Nieuwe Maasparcours (3,5 – 28 km) route takes you along the banks of the Maas river. The route is divided into 7-sections, ranging from 3,5 to 5 kilometres, which can be cycled together or separately. Crossing over from north to south and vice versa is possible via the Erasmus Bridge, Willemsbrug or the Maas tunnel.

Enjoy nature and history

If you’d like to discover the green spots in Rotterdam, then the Park route (37 km) is highly recommended. The route runs through junctions and around Rotterdam: parks, forests, mills and rural roads alternate.

The Polderpad route (30 km) lets you see the scenery around Rotterdam. First, you cycle through the city, past the river Rotte and the lake the Bergse Plas. Then you reach Polder Schieveen, with its farms and pastures with cows. You continue cycling to Midden-Delfland, the polders between Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague. Via the river Schie, you end up back in Rotterdam. There is also a route-app of this route available.

The KoeKaas (cow cheese) route (variable length) runs through the Krimpenerwaard, a nature area between Rotterdam and Gouda. You cycle past old farmhouses and on the historic roads of Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel through the meadows and past (cheese) farms in Krimpenerwaard to the cheese city of Gouda and back again.

Cycle the Twee Werelden Route (35 km) from conservation organisation Zuid-Hollands Landschap over the Maasvlaktes and discover medieval natural and cultural grounds and new nature areas that have arisen since the construction of the Europoort and the Maasvlakte. The combination of nature and industry is what makes this bike ride a spectacular experience.

Those interested in World War 2 should take their bike on the train to Hoek van Holland (Rotterdam Beach). There, you can cycle along what remains of the Atlantic wall (30 km), the German defence line from the Noordkaap to the Pyrenees, and see the ‘Festung’ (Fortress) Hoek van Holland. The route starts at the Hoek van Holland Fortress and makes use of junctions. A brochure is also available from the Hoek van Holland Tourist Office.

If you haven’t found the route you’re looking for, below are links to some more cycle routes:

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