Boogie Festival

20 July 2024

Music festival

Boogie Express will celebrate its fifth anniversary this summer with a grand festival on the enchanting quayside of Stadshaven Brouwerij. On Saturday the 29th of July, the Merwehaven waterfront site will transform into the spectacular Boogie Festival; a collaboration between Rotterdam-based event organisation Boogie Express and Stadshaven Brouwerij.

Summer vibe

Boogie Festival promises to be an unforgettable day full of music and summer vibes. The festival grounds, covering almost 3,000m2, will be transformed into a tropical Valhalla for 2500 visitors for one day and host no fewer than three different stages! Besides the impressive main stage, visitors can enjoy the ‘Tropical Stage’ hosted by ‘Schuurkantine’ and discover what lies behind the mysterious doors of Blurred’s ‘Secret Stage’

Disco, House & Urban

Boogie Festival presents an impressive line-up of artists. Headliners include Bellaire (France), Perdu, K-liber, Tonno Disko and Tommy Theo. In addition, (local) artists such as Th’acquisition, Rowan Pierot, Steve Riddm, BeMarcus, Tierap and Palmwise will make the audience dance with their performances.

The music will be an upbeat mix of disco, house and urban, while the venue itself will be decorated in summer atmospheres. The summer music combined with the passing boats in the Merwehaven and a beautiful sunset at the water’s edge will create a unique setting. Visitors will get the feeling of being on holiday in their own country for one day.

Stadshaven Gastropub

Food has also been thought of. Stadshaven Brouwerij’s waterfront gastropub will take care of this, with a range of tasty (barbecue) dishes and several vegetarian options.

Boogie Festival will take place on Saturday 29 July from 13:00 to 23:00 and will be organised entirely outdoors. In case of bad weather, the festival area will be covered. The festival is easily accessible by car, bike, shared scooters, public transport and there is even a water taxi stop right outside the door.

Please note that the minimum age for entry is 18 years.

Stadshaven Brewery

Large independent brewery

Stadshaven Brouwerij is the second largest independent brewery in the Netherlands and brews 2 million liters of craft beer annually. You can go here for tours, beer tastings and a gastronomic experience in their impressive catering facility. The gastropub is divided into different areas, all with their own identity. It is spacious enough to seat 350 people comfortably and also has a standing capacity of up to 1000 people. They also have a terrace of 750 m2, ...

Address & Contact

  • Galileistraat 24
  • 3029 AM Rotterdam

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Specifieke tijden

  • 20 July 2024, 13:00-23:00

Price overview

€ 30 t/m € 34.5