Doron Langberg

1 February 2024 till 26 May 2024


Large-scale paintings that still feel intimate: until May 26, 2024, visitors to Kunsthal Rotterdam will become part of the world of artist Doron Langberg (1985). The exhibition Part of Your World is a direct and emotional reflection of his life as a queer man. From compelling landscapes to loving portraits: with his colorful and expressive brushstrokes, Langberg portrays his friends, loved ones, family and environment. The result is as moving as it is seductive work, of which a selection of 15 paintings can be seen in the Kunsthal.

Langberg makes work that focuses on queer intimacy, where he does not shy away from explicit representations. It also influences other themes within his oeuvre, such as landscapes and family portraits. The same sensuality and tenderness can be felt, for example, in his abstract flower paintings and the representations of his mother and husband. Although Langberg’s identity is inextricably linked to his choice of subject and he frequently portrays the queer community, he also addresses universal human experiences, including loss, affection and physicality.

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