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Offshore Experience (4-12)

17 December 2016 till 31 December 2020

Exhibition, Top Exhibitions

In the Offshore Experience you experience the exceptional challenges that the high-tech, international and dynamic offshore sector has to face on a daily basis throughout the world.  

Dutch glory
Offshore, is one of the most innovative sectors in the Netherlands. It is immensly important to the economy and our daily lives. So why does the public at large know so little about it? The Offshore Experience is changing that forever. The exhibition has a spectacular world above and below the waves in which we explain the discovery, production and transportation of oil and gas and of renewable energy. Discover how imporant energy sources are for our economy en our daily lives and how companies in the Dutch offshore industry use their problem-solving capabilities to excel on the world stage.

Maritime Museum Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Maritime Museum brings the seafaring world of the past, present and the future to life. As well as its permanent collection, there are special exhibitions, events and guided tours on offer. The history of the Netherlands is covered with special attention being paid to the role of Rotterdam as a world port. The building is situated in the Netherlands’ oldest and largest open-air harbour museum and historic ships and cranes allow you to experience how Rotterdam’s world ...

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