From Mouse to Mickey

27 November 2022 till 28 May 2023


From the very first moment when cartoons showed moving animals – now more than a century ago – we have embraced the cheerful mice, stubborn rabbits and funny cats. We hardly realize how strange it really is that Mickey Mouse goes for a walk with Pluto, that Tom & Jerry are bulldozed or that Spongebob lives in a pineapple on the seabed.

But what is the relationship between the cartoon stars and their real-life relatives? How naughty is Donald Duck and how catty is Garfield? This exhibition looks at the different ways animals are portrayed in cartoons, and compares these images with their real-world counterparts. Where is the line between Human, Mouse and Mickey?


Rotterdam Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a must-see Rotterdam museum that never ceases to amaze.

Its permanent collection of birds, mammals, fish, insects, shells and plants shows the earth's biodiversity in all its splendour. All the fossils found in Dutch soil can be seen in the 'Opgeraapt Opgevist Uitgehakt' exhibition. The exhibition 'Pure Resilience' shows that the city is nature too. Eye-catchers are the skeleton of a sperm whale and the skeleton of the elephant Ramon.

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