Manteca Zomercarnaval Afterparty

29 Jul 2017
Indoor festival with 4 areas and 15 artists. Genre: African House, Musica Latina, Kizomba and Semba.

The organizers behind party concepts Liberation, Deep Journey and Afro Latin Social Club join hands for the first edition of Manteca, an indoor festival with four halls of exciting music and an urban kitchen full of soul food. Expect a sultry night with African house, Musica Latina, Semba and Kizomba. The evening opens at 22:00 with a dance workshop and will end at 5 o'clock in the morning. Location: BIRD and Station Hofplein Rotterdam.

Opening hours

29 Jul 2017 22:00 to 05:00


BIRD Jazz Club is located under the Hofbogen in Rotterdam and offers a programme of jazz, soul, hip hop, funk and new electronica. In the last century, the area around the Hofbogen had a rich music tradition. BIRD not only wants to revive the jazz past, but also wants to update it for the 21st century. Jazz and related genres like soul, latin & funk, hiphop, afrobeat and electronica form the core of the music programming, complemented by other jazz-related art disciplines such as performance poetry, film and visual arts. Before or after a concert you can have a pizza.

Address & Contact

Price overview

  • €10,- to €15,-

Price description

Voorverkoop is 10 EUR. Deurverkoop is 15 EUR.


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