The Grapevyne RNB & HipHop Classics

6 July 2024

The Grapevyne RNB & HipHop Classics

‘Let’s Take It Back To The Old School!’

Back in time with the best RNB & HipHop Classics in the familiar BIRD.

Experience a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, bring your girls or your homeboys and dance the night away. You heard about it, now it’s time to talk about it!



Deeply rooted in jazz, but with branches such as soul, funk, hip hop and electronics, the stage, club and restaurant BIRD is the place for the cultural omnivore.

BIRD refers to the poetic nickname of American jazz saxophonist Charlie 'BIRD' Parker. BIRD stands for jazz, but also for warmth, soul, pizzas, metropolitan rawness, funk, hip-hop, electronics, good wines, no-nonsense beers, atmospheric listening concerts and frenzied 'party peopl...

Specifieke tijden

  • 6 July 2024, 23:00-04:00

Price overview

€ 17 t/m € 17