Youthquake. Verlangen naar eeuwige jeugd


Youth sells! The multimedia exhibition
Youthquake shows the ageless desire for
eternal youth. With the help of fashion,
photography, and video, the Kunsthal
demonstrates how being young has become
the norm and is abundantly celebrated in
our visual culture and lifestyle. The mythical
fountain of eternal youth forms the heart
of the spectacular exhibition design by the
multidisciplinary fashion house MAISON the
FAUX. A whirlwind of historical mini-me’s,
teenage models on runways, and elderly birds
of paradise forms the audio-visual starting
point of this exhibition that shows how fashion,
marketing and the (social) media have become
captivated by youthfulness. A sparkling
exhibition about adult kids and youthful seniors!

Kunsthal Rotterdam

Kunsthal Rotterdam is housed in a striking building designed by Rotterdam's OMA/Rem Koolhaas architectural practice and was opened in 1992. Since then, the Kunsthal has put culture in the widest sense of the word on show, from elitist to popular. There are always a number of exhibitions to see, both large and small-scale, from old masters to contemporary art, from innovative design to engaging photography. Guided tours round the main exhibition can be given in Dutch, English, and German ...

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