Coffee Shops in Rotterdam

Coffee Shops in Rotterdam

While some people start the day with a tasty cup of herbal tea, most people only wake up when they smell the aroma of fresh coffee beans. Rotterdam is the perfect city for coffee lovers. Whether you’re in the north, east, south, west or centre, there is something for everyone.

1. Man Met Bril Coffee

Man met Bril coffee has grown from a worn-out espresso machine with a too-small roaster to Rotterdam’s leading fair trade coffee brand. Visit Man met Bril for coffee with something sweet, a workplace, the internet, four daily newspapers and a welcoming atmosphere. They also serve breakfast and lunch.

Man Met Bril will open the world’s very first coffee hotel in Crooswijk in the summer of 2023, with a lovely large terrace by the Rotte river. It will be an ideal place from which to explore Rotterdam!

2. COPPI Koffie & Fietsen

COPPI Coffee & Bikes is more than a breakfast bar, lunchroom or café. This hotspot in the Hofbogen is also a shop with exclusive bike-related products and a bike workshop with its own bike mechanic. COPPI organises a variety of activities in collaboration with various parties, including the COPPIRde on the first Sunday of every month.

3. Hopper

At Hopper, you can choose from six to ten different types of beans and five different brewing methods. Besides coffee, they also serve soup and sandwiches, mostly organic. The sourdough bread is baked in-house. The shop has a rugged but welcoming interior with lots of wood and concrete. Hopper Noord, Hopper’s second shop in the Zwaanshals, is also well worth a visit!

4. Mecca

Mecca is a ‘petit grand café’ specialising in coffee and natural wines. The food is Middle Eastern-inspired which suits the neighbourhood as many people have Arab/Turkish backgrounds. The terrace is a lovely place to be on a sunny day.

5. Harvest Coffee Brewers

At Harvest, they aim to serve delicious coffee and food. You can sit in the back in the sun by the water. The dedicated coffee lover can also find all their coffee essentials here: from filters to beans and from grinders to cups.

6. Bonza Coffee

Bonza serves delicious sandwiches, cakes and, of course, speciality coffee. The green coffee beans for this come from ‘This side up.’ This organisation ensures transparency in the coffee trade and that coffee farmers get 40% to 100% more income for their coffee than with Fairtrade. Flex worker? Here you can indulge in good workplaces with WiFi and power outlets.

7. Amada Coffee

The Amada coffee bar on the Hoogstraat offers the ‘Selfieccino’, world-famous in Rotterdam. The Selfieccino is a cappuccino with a selfie print: your photo is printed on the foam of the cappuccino with edible ink. Besides coffee, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch. The menu is 100% halal.

8. Heilige Boontjes

Marco is a cop and educator; Rodney is a reintegration expert and social and community educator. They know better than most how difficult it is to get one’s life back on track. At Heilige Boontjes, they work with young Rotterdammers with a past. Where most people have given up on these young people, they see them as promising, which is why these Rotterdammers work here. Together they do everything: they roast and pour the coffee, make the food and tap the best beers. Everything is sustainable, good and tasty.

9. Kopi Soesoe

Kopi Soesoe – Indonesian for coffee with milk and a nickname for someone of mixed descent – is an espresso bar offering coffee, lunch and a small music venue. Music takes centre stage in this Katendrecht meeting place with a living room vibe. While listening, you can drink good coffee and speciality beers and eat tasty (exotic and creative) snacks.

10. Le Petit Jean

In truth, Le Petit Jean is a bakery, but you can get great coffee and tea with lots of goodies for home and on the go. The minimal décor, which was also accomplished on a minimal budget by owner Marice Petitjean, is warm, personal and welcoming.

11. Roast Rotterdam

You can find Roast Rotterdam on the dynamic Middellandplein square. This relaxed and welcoming café serves various coffee specialities, food and drinks. You can order at the bar, and the focus is on good coffee, friendly service and fresh produce. Ellis and Kim would love to hear what you think of their bar. When will you visit Roast?

12. Unfiltered

Coffee shop Unfiltered recently opened for coffee lovers on the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. Owner Khalid El Amori appeals to the coffee nerds among us with white walls, minimalist décor and relaxing music. And, of course, with high-quality coffee varieties. You can also enjoy breakfast and lunch with Khalid and his colleagues.