Fine dining the Rotterdam way
Marseille serves classic French and Mediterranean dishes - photo Iris van den Broek

Fine dining the Rotterdam way

Rotterdam’s food scene has just as much allure as its impressive skyline. And if you are in the mood for something a little more special than just a quick bite, the gastronomic options are endless. We’ve selected a few top favorites where you can wine and dine all fine.

NY Basement

Extraordinary culinary creations and thrilling cocktails in the ambiance of pre-war Manhattan. The interior of NY Basement is adorned with stylish ornaments and colorful patterns, effortlessly blending trendy and historical elements. Situated in the basement of the nostalgic and distinctive Hotel New York, it’s not just a restaurant and cocktail bar; it’s a seductive journey to the past with a contemporary twist

Vis op de Dijk

Fish, fish and…. fish! From coquilles in saffron cream sauce with salicornia to a whole sea bass prepared Asian style: at Vis op de Dijk on the Oudedijk they serve the most sublime seafood dishes. All in a very professional and welcoming atmosphere that never feels stiff.


The many travels of chef Pelle Swinkels throughout Asia and South-America form the inspiration for Aji’s menu. Each and every one of the fushion dishes at this cosy restaurant in the Pannekoekstraat is a real taste explosion in which the powerful Aji spice (a kind of chili pepper) often plays a role. Moreover, Aji choses to work with honest ingredients, less waste, and a menu with a maximum of 20% meat.

De Matroos en het Meisje

As a kid you probably were not happy when you had to eat what was being served. But at De Matroos en het Meisje it’s not a punishment at all. In their ‘table d’hôtes’ concept you choose the number of courses and then leave it to the chef to surprise you. All in a cosy setting of Delft blue tiles on the walls and red-white checked tablecloths.

Café Pompette

In the trendy Lis quarter, you’ll find Café Pompette. This charming bistro serves a French menu with some Italian and Asian influences. Eyecatcher is the classic bar from 1914 where you can drink wine accompanied by delicious bar bites such as prawns and homemade pâté, but also dishes from the menu.

Berta aan Tafel

Berta aan Tafel is only 2 doors away from its ever-popular sister Bar Berta. Where you can enjoy bar bites at the latter, the restaurant has table seating for both lunch and dinner. The menu is also Spanish and a mix of tapas and larger dishes such as authentic paella and the catch of the day.

Café Marseille

French dining the Rotterdam way: the atmosphere at Café Marseille is deliciously informal and this may well be the nicest restaurant in Rotterdam West. Behind the in stickers covered front door you can enjoy classic bistro dishes like steak béarnaise and confit de canard. Accompanied of course by some beautiful French wines or a citron pressé.

Restaurant Tosca

Feel like going on a culinary trip? Eating at Tosca sure feels like a vacation. The menu is inspired by sunny countries like Italy, France and Spain, but prepared with local, Dutch ingredients. Our favorites? The risotto with shrimp tartar and the roasted pumpkin with parmesan.


Luxury and simplicity go hand in hand at Héroine, situated in the marvelous Industriegebouw, an icon of the reconstruction after World War II. In a retro 70’s interior you can enjoy either 5 or 7 courses of unconventional dishes with flavors from all over the world. There is no menu, so what you’ll get remains a tasteful surprise. In the weekend they also serve 4 or 5 course lunches. No table available? Then try its counterpart Putaine, even more daring.

10 x local and innovative dining in Rotterdam

10 x local and innovative dining in Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s food culture reflects the need to adapt.
Taste the real Rotterdam!

Taste the real Rotterdam!

The diversity of places and tastes typifies the city on the river Maas!
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5 x brunches and lunches

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