13x timeless terraces in Rotterdam

13x timeless terraces in Rotterdam

Drinks with a view of the greenery, the water or the dynamic city?

Iris van den Broek

13x timeless terraces in Rotterdam

From the first rays of spring sunshine and burning summer sun to the sun on a mild autumn day or chilly winter afternoon: there are plenty of terraces in Rotterdam where you can settle in and enjoy a cold cocktail, craft beer, cup of coffee or hot chocolate with whipped cream (and a blanket over your legs). We made a selection based on location, view and Rotterdam vibe. Surrounded by greenery, overlooking the water or immersed in urban dynamism and creativity: these Rotterdam terraces are always a feast for all the senses!

On the water

The constant movement of the water helps you unwind; you’ll want to stay forever.

1. Loos: take a stroll, then wine and dine

Grand café Loos is an established Rotterdam restaurant. It has been around since 1908 but left its previous spot on Hofplein after the destruction caused by the bombing of Rotterdam’s city centre. Its current location is part of its appeal: the charming Scheepvaartkwartier, opposite the historic Veerhaven and in the monumental Atlantic house. The interior of this Parisian-inspired café is light, grand and classic. Many locals pop in regularly for a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine later in the day, with a view of the boats.

2. De Maaskantine: beach bar on the Maas River

De Maaskantine, with its beach bar vibe on the banks of the river Maas, feels like a holiday destination. The café-restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful terrace and colourful (lounge) chairs and picnic tables. They serve good food from Wednesday to Sunday. They also have a small beach with loungers to laze on.

3. Aloha: ship ahoy!

Another phenomenal terrace with a view of the Maas: at Aloha – located in the former Tropicana tropical swimming paradise – you can sit back and relax while cargo ships, pleasure boats, water buses and water taxis race by. Plenty is happening below and behind you too: the same building houses progressive companies working on a better world within BlueCity.

4. Vessel11: for lounging and music

Sitting on the deck, sipping your drink and surrounded by the dynamics of the city, Vessel11 is the ideal place to hang out. This British gastro-pub was built in the UK and served as a mobile lighthouse in Wales, but has been in Rotterdam since 1999. Here, in one of Rotterdam’s oldest harbours, you can eat dishes inspired by British cuisine, taste Vessel11 beer on tap and watch bands perform below deck.

5. Hotel New York: the world is your oyster

The wide view of the Nieuwe Maas and the city from the terrace of Hotel New York at the head of Wilhelminapier is like no other. When the sun shines, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday. The oyster bar only adds to this feeling. Where people once bought tickets to sail to America, fresh seafood is now prepared daily. Lower yourself into a beach chair and relax…With half a lobster on your lap.

Surrounded by green

Green is good for the soul, so settle down happily on one of these terraces (you won’t be leaving anytime soon.)

6. Parqiet: relax in the park

Named after the free-spirited rose-ringed parakeet so abundant in this park, Parqiet has been welcoming guests since 2015. Because what’s not to like about relaxing in a charming, old coach house in the middle of Het Park with a view of beautiful old trees and the Euromast while your child/dog/spouse rolls about carefree in the grass?

7. Het Schielandshuis: urban oasis surprise

Discover the green oasis at Schielandshuis near Coolsingel! A unique English-style garden in the heart of Rotterdam, perfect for relaxing on a bench or on the terrace of the adjacent Restaurant Het Schielandshuis.

8. Garden of BIRD: music and food

The sunny city Garden of BIRD is open from spring to autumn from 4 pm, weather permitting (no rain or wind). This ‘sister’ of the restaurant and stage next door is somewhat hidden between the Luchtsingel and Hofbogen. Have a cocktail or a speciality beer, eat pizza from BIRD’s wood-fired oven, lie in the grass, hang out in a chair, listen to music and feel free as a…Bird.

9. Vroesenpaviljoen: grows greener and bigger

Vroesenpark was known as ‘the barbecue park’ until 2015: that changed with the arrival of the Vroesenpaviljoen. People still barbecue there, but the Vroesenpaviljoen itself became a reason for people to cycle to Blijdorp. Its green – and ever-expanding – terrace, deck chairs, good menu and events make this a lovely spot for everyone to start, pause or end the day.

10. Boshut De Big: pancakes in the forest

Boshut De Big is tucked away in the greenery of Het Kralingse Bos. This family-run business opened in May 1979 and quickly became a household name. With its cosy and no-nonsense interior, you immediately know that the pancakes – baked according to the family recipe – are delicious. Finish off your brisk morning walk with a pancake with syrup on the terrace, or relax with a drink in the afternoon.

In the heart of the city

You are in Rotterdam, and you want to see, feel and experience it! These terraces are worth a visit.

11. Biergarten: good beer and burgers

Did you know that Rotterdam also has a beer garden? Rotterdam’s first and only Biergarten has been a lively (and seasonal) place where you can enjoy the sun, burgers, snacks and a wide range of craft and draught beers since 2012. The neighbourhood is as effervescent as the beers they serve: Biergarten is in the garden of the creative collective building the Schieblock and an important part of the city’s dynamic Central District.

12. Keilecafé: party maker in the Makers District

Keilecafe is more than a café: it has the atmosphere of a never-ending festival. A place where pizzas always seem to be baking in the wood-fired oven, sangria flows richly, DJs keep spinning and everyone always seems a bit tipsy. If you aren’t careful, you will get drunk on the dynamism here. Keilecafé is located in M4H: Rotterdam’s Makers District. This is where creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit flow, and you can feel it.

13. Westerpaviljoen: the heart of the West

Welcome to West. Where the Westerpaviljoen has long dominated the corner of Nieuwe Binnenweg and Mathenesserlaan. And regular visitors abound: for many Rotterdammers, this is a base to return to again and again. The large terrace certainly contributes to that unwavering popularity. As does the extensive menu full of good classics: a crispy Caesar salad, chicken satay, salmon fillet and Black Angus or beyond burger (vegan). The Westerpaviljoen plays a leading role in the Oude Westen and is here to stay.

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