The 10 nicest parks in Rotterdam
Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum by Else Loof

The 10 nicest parks in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is not only known for its port, art, and architecture, but  is also the greenest city in the Netherlands! In addition to popular parks such as Kralingse Bos, the Park near the Euromast, Vroesenpark, and Zuiderpark, the city has dozens of other large and small parks. Looking for green in Rotterdam? We have listed the 10 most beautiful parks.

1. Het Park

One of the loveliest places in Rotterdam is Het Park at the Euromast, which was designed in 1852 by architect Zocher and his son, inspired by the English landscape style. The park is perfect for walking, playing football and in the summer a nice picnic and dancing at several festivals. Don’t forget to visit the adjacent historic Schoonoord garden!

2. Museumpark

As the name already suggests, you will find several museums in this park, which is designed by Rem Koolhaas: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Natural History Museum, Chabot Museum and Het Nieuwe Instituut. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is temporarily closed due to large-scale renovation, but since November 2021 the new Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is open for public.

3. Dakpark

In 2018, the Roof Park was included by Spotted by Locals in the list of 25 best parks in Europe, and with good reason, because this park, located at a height of 9 meters, has a spectacular view of the harbors and high-rise buildings all around. There is also enough space, because the former marshalling yard is 1200 meters long and 85 meters wide.

4. Eiland van Brienenoord

This little island in the river is close to (Pathé) De Kuip is actually not a park, but a real nature reserve with woods, grass plains, open water and pools. The most beautiful part is right under the Brienenoord Bridge: the tidal channel where the water flows in and out through sandbanks at low tide and high tide. During a trip across the island you will encounter Scottish Highlanders. They are tame, you can just walk by, but don’t feed them.

5. Kralingen Forrest

The Kralingen Forrest (Kralingse Bos) is a beautiful green oasis on the outskirts of the city. Cycling and walking paths lead through exciting pieces of nature, there are playgrounds, a petting zoo, the De Lelie and De Ster windmills, restaurants and sunbathing areas, plus a lake that is frequently used by sailors, pedal boats and canoeists. There is fanatic skating, skating and jogging all around.

6. Luchtpark Hofbogen

Rotterdam has not one, but two parks at a great height. Luchtpark Hofbogen has been realised on the roof of the former Hofplein Station. You can have a good picnic and walk. For a drink or dinner (at a high level!) you should go to FG Restaurant, BIRD and coffee shop Man met Bril.

7. Roel Langerakpark

Next to the entrance of Diergaarde Blijdorp is the Roel Langerak Park. Sports enthusiasts in particular can indulge themselves here, for example on the freely accessible athletics track. With children you can go to nature playground De Speeldernis.

8. Stadspark Grotekerkplein

In one of the newest parks in Rotterdam you can chill in the grass with a view of the Laurenskerk, the statue and the birthplace of Erasmus. There are also regular activities on the Stadspodium.

9. Vroesenpark

This park is also located near Diergaarde Blijdorp. The stork that breeds in the zoo therefore comes here every morning for food. And not only this bird is fond of the Vroesenpark, because in 2019 Spotted by Locals included it in the list of 25 best local parks in Europe, partly due to the Vroesen Pavilion.

10. Zuiderpark

So big that you can no longer hear the city: the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam South is 430 football fields in size, next to Rotterdam Ahoy, making it the largest park in the Netherlands. With the adventure playground, the beach, swamp, forests and lots of water, it is a wonderful place to spend free time.

City Projects make Rotterdam more resilient, greener and healthier

City Projects make Rotterdam more resilient, greener and healthier

Rotterdam will become even greener in the coming years with more green squares, parks, and streets where people can walk, exercise, or simply relax. The 7 City Projects that will be developed in the coming years are a good example of this. Creating more green spaces is important for cooling down the city during hot weather and preventing waterlogging during heavy rainfall. It also provides more biodiversity in the city and improves air quality.
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