Delfshaven covers a large area, sometimes also referred to as Rotterdam West. Neighbourhoods that may be almost exact opposites are located in close proximity within a small area. Shady lanes lined in elegant town houses contrast with busy shopping streets where the spicy scent of fresh herbs rises to meet you. One thing is certain: life will never be boring.

One of the most romantic parts of Rotterdam West has to be historic Delfshaven. A beautiful section of the old city, which survived the 1940 bombardment of Rotterdam. The nearby neighbourhoods of Coolhaveneiland, Lloydkwartier and Schiemond are popular places to live. The Lloydkwartier, with its renovated warehouses that accommodate many creative entrepreneurs, has been particularly popular in recent years. Its residential complexes feature exceptional design with a gorgeous view of the Maas River. Delfshaven also has a good primary school, a supermarket, and a sports school, not to mention the sports fields on Lloyd Multiplein.

Never a dull moment in Delfshaven! With the local Hindustani tailors, Turkish bakeries and Moroccan restaurants, 1e Middellandstraat and Vierambachtstraat are the most exotic streets in the city. For organic lunchrooms and designer goodies, check out Nieuwe Binnenweg (note: from ’s Gravendijkwal at the level of Heemraadsingel).

Finally, there is the Bospolder Tussendijken neighbourhood, which is adjacent to the interesting Vierhaven area with its four inner harbours. The area is in development; many old homes have been replaced by new buildings. Remarkable façades and buildings from the 1920s have been restored to their original state where possible. An exceptional note here is the Le Medi housing complex, a unique design that symbolises the integration of tenants and lifestyles. And greenery? That’s in no short supply, since the introduction of a nine-meter-high Roof Park with playgrounds, a tea garden, allotments and a stepped water foundation where children can splash away merrily.

What does Delfshaven have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• The Dakpark: a green oasis on the roof over dozens of stores.
• Uit Je Eigen Stad: urban farm and restaurant, where you can enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat or savour a cup of coffee on the terrace.
• Market: a sizable market is held on Visserijplein every Thursday and Friday with 180 stalls.
• Heemraadssingel: a canal lined in trees and greenery that invites you to take a stroll, go for a swing, go skating (in the designated skating pool), or eat a tasty fish at a local restaurant’s terrace.