Once you cycle across the Erasmus Bridge from the city centre towards Rotterdam South, you reach Feijenoord. Behind the glamorous high-rise towers and other architectural highlights on the Kop van Zuid peninsula, you’ll find many pre-war working-class neighbourhoods occupied by a cheerful mix of cultural ethnicities.

If you simply cannot get enough of the river, the Noordereiland and the Kop van Zuid are dream locations. The Noordereiland is surrounded by the Nieuwe Maas and Koningshaven, but the Willemsbrug links the island to the city centre and the Hef bridge and Koninginnebrug link it to Kop van Zuid. Both zones have homes that offer a view off the water, and water taxis and ships that tie up and cast off here.
The difference is that Noordereiland primarily has old, elegant buildings with large inner courtyards, whereas everything on Kop van Zuid soars into the air. Some of the imposing high-rise towers soar 160 metres into the air and boast luxurious apartments with stunning views. On clear days, sometimes you can see as far as the North Sea!
From the Kop van Zuid, you can walk across the Rijnhavenbrug to the peninsula of Katendrecht, which has had a major transformation in recent years. From a problem area to one of the city’s hottest spots, Katendrecht is increasingly home to creative professionals and young families, who find a home in buildings that they renovated themselves.

Afrikaanderwijk, Vreewijk, Bloemhof and Hillesluis lack the glamour of Kop van Zuid or Katendrecht’s trendy appeal, but they have their own charms. The Afrikaanderwijk is a highly colourful neighbourhood, where there’s always something to see and do on Afrikaanderplein, including a market twice a week.

What does Feijenoord have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• Deliplein: charming city square lined in good restaurants and sidewalk cafés, an authentic Fenix Food Factory, intriguing shops and the Walhalla theatre.
• Wilhelminapier: cultural hot spot with the Nederlands Fotomuseum, the Beeldfabriek, the new Luxor Theater, the LantarenVenster cinema, Hotel New York and the water taxi boarding point.
• Rotterdamse Munt: an ecological herb garden where you can pick the leaves for your own salad on the spot.
• Afrikaanderplein: market with 300 stalls twice a week. From tangy herring to exotic fruit, the market reflects the many cultures in the neighbourhood.
• ss Rotterdam: the old steamboat has a delightful promenade deck for basking in the sun, including a small pool for the littlest visitors.