Hillegersberg is one of the more elegant neighbourhoods in Rotterdam, offering the chic charm of a ‘village in the city’. Along the lush canals, lanes and little parks, Hillegersberg boasts the most beautiful houses, many of them post-war single-family dwellings. Many have a garden, and some even have waterfront access. Family with kids? Make sure to check out Schiebroek too!

The area between Molenlaan and Bergse Voorplas primarily features homes dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. To the north of Molenlaan, the houses shift towards post-WWII construction. The Molenlaankwartier is close to the Lage Bergse Bos forest and the Rottemeren lake, offering ideal options for walking, rollerblading, skating, rowing, canoeing and skating.

Another green neighbourhood, Schiebroek is surrounded by parks and idyllic spots like the Plaswijckpark, the Wilgenhof petting zoo and the Bergse Achterplas. Thanks to RandstadRail connections, you can be in the heart of Rotterdam or The Hague in no time. One of the latest residential additions in this area is 110 Morgen, a family-friendly neighbourhood with lots of playgrounds.

Very close to Rotterdam, but just far enough away to feel like it’s in the middle of the polderland, Terbregge Is an area with an authentic Dutch landscape: water, windmills and dozens of recreational cyclists. Oud Terbregge feels like a village and is surrounded by water and green spaces. It’s a great place to live by the water, and offers a very family-friendly environment.

What do Hillegersberg and Schiebroek have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• Plaswijckpark: a green paradise with a zoo, playgrounds, a water park with a climbing tower, a slow train or boat through the park, a picnic garden, a gnome garden path, and much more!
• Bergse Achterplas and Bergse Voorplas: beautiful lakes that offer great sailing options. There is a rowing club here, but you can also rent a canoe or tie up your own boat.
• Hotspot Hutspot: organic restaurant in Schiebroek, where local children get involved.