Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland)

Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland)

Walking out your front door and being on the beach or in the dunes within 10 minutes. Sounds like a pipe dream, but if you live in Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland), that’s what life is like. And you’ll still have all the advantages of big-city living right around the corner in Rotterdam.

Hoek van Holland, known locally as ‘De Hoek’ (The Hook), is a coastal town uniquely situated on the North Sea and at the mouth of the Nieuwe Waterweg, the huge waterway that offers sea access to Rotterdam. A steady flow of ocean-going vessels passes here on their way to and from the port of Rotterdam. The port activities are an intrinsic part of life in Hook of Holland, just like the beach is.

One of the things that makes living in Hoek van Holland so special is that you really live in rhythm with the seasons. In summer, it’s all about the seashore. De Hoek has about 10,000 inhabitants, most of whom live in the village. There are shops, sports facilities, primary schools, cafés and restaurants. About 2,500 extra residents descend on the village every summer to spend their holidays in a cottage or at a campground.
Desperate for bigger stores, cinemas, museums and other entertainment? Whether you prefer to go by car or take public transport, you’ll be in Rotterdam in no time. There’s also a fast ferry service between Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland!

What does Hoek van Holland have to offer that other areas around Rotterdam do not?

• The Pit: an alternative beach pavilion in ‘s Gravezande, not yet discovered by tourists, where you can enjoy beach life without hordes of people around you.
• Speeltuin Hoek van Holland: a unique playground with lots of fun attractions, including a tower with a super-slide, a cable slide and a basket swing.
• Staelduinse Bos: a beautiful stretch of untouched nature in the busy Westland area, perfect for a brisk hike.
• Fast Ferry: this boat connection between Hoek van Holland and Rotterdam is both functional and fun!