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IJsselmonde is known as the ‘green gardens of Rotterdam’ and is full of surprises. In addition to its interesting residential neighbourhoods, it also offers the most exciting urban nature, pockets of paradise in the city.

The biggest neighbourhood in IJsselmonde is Groot IJsselmonde. The heart of the neighbourhood is home to the second-biggest shopping centre in Rotterdam South: Keizerswaard. The shopping centre is surrounded by spacious residential neighbourhoods with lots of green areas and numerous sports facilities and play areas. The northernmost part of IJsselmonde is right on the riverfront of the Maas. Authentic buildings and characteristic streets are reminiscent of the dyke-side village that IJsselmonde once was. Lots of social housing was built here in the 1960s, and a relatively high concentration of older people live in this neighbourhood. Feel like getting out of the urban sprawl for a bit? Enjoy the peace and quiet of Brienenoord island, a piece of dynamic nature with winding pathways through enclosed fields and wild willow thickets.

The number-one family neighbourhood in IJsselmonde is Beverwaard. The streets around tram line 23 have fairly new homes, mostly built between 1978 and the 1990s. Most single-family dwellings are positioned around little courtyards where children can play. Ask the locals what they like best about their neighbourhood, and they’re sure to answer: the atmosphere. A friendly, safe atmosphere is a high priority here, as you’ll notice if you take a stroll through Beverwaard. Neighbours know each other, have a chat by the front door, or run into each other in the central shopping area, De Beverwaard. Activities are regularly organised in the area, such as the annual neighbourhood party.

In the south of IJsselmonde, Lombardijen is one of the ‘southern garden cities’. The entire area was once empty except for a single farm, but that was clearly a long time ago! In the 1960s, an independent city district was built here, with rowhouses and apartments that are home to a relatively high percentage of singles and elderly people. The lovely Spinozapark is more or less in the middle of the neighbourhood. Besides the railway station, Lombardijen also offers various bus connections, for instance to the Zuidplein shopping centre, as well as two tram lines (2 and 20). The arterial roads are Molenvliet, Pascalweg and Spinozaweg, which connects to the access road that leads to the southern Ring Road.

What does IJsselmonde have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• De Kuip: go see a match in the home stadium of the Feyenoord football club for a unique experience!
• Vreijenburgplas: this lake is a favourite hangout in summer, offering a great place to swim.
• Eiland van Brienenoord: tucked away under the Van Brienenoordbrug, this lovely nature reserve is home to the most beautiful trees, plants, butterflies and birds. You may even spot shaggy Highland cattle.
• Baroeg: distinctive pop venue for alternative music.
• De Kooi: petting zoo with a friendly play area and an old-fashioned clog-making shop.