Overschie - Zestienhoven

Overschie - Zestienhoven

On the northern edge of Rotterdam, on the other side of the motorway, two Rotterdam areas offer amazingly pleasant residential options. The village-style setting of Overschie on the one hand, with the lush greenery and waterways of Zestienhoven on the other.

Overschie is a stretch of city with a small-scale, everyone knows everyone kind of atmosphere. It has a cosy, historic village centre surrounded by detached 1930s homes, city villas, and flat buildings. The area is amazingly green, thanks to versatile outdoor areas that include polderland, parks, meadows and estates. If you enjoy gardening, the allotments along Overschiese Kleiweg offer a great opportunity to indulge your green thumb.

Rotterdam Zestienhoven is the area around Rotterdam The Hague Airport and the Hoog Zestienhoven industrial estate. A high-quality, green residential area is currently under development to the south of the airport: Park 16Hoven. New homes are being built on spacious lots here, ranging from spacious town houses to convenient apartments. Park 16Hoven also offers options for creating your dream home. Don’t worry about noise here; the neighbourhood is parallel to the landing strip, so there won’t be planes flying over your house. Facilities like schools, shops and the weekly market are just a few streets away.

What do Overschie and Park 16Hoven have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• Natuurspeeltuin KleinPoldertje: a luxurious local nature park slash playground, offering an ideal spot for kids to hide, climb and explore.
• De Buitenplaats: English-style country park with an exciting natural island and a deer camp. Perfect for walking, cycling, horseback riding, jogging, swimming, sailing and skating.
• Rotterdam The Hague Airport: an airport in the heart of your local neighbourhood! Milan and Barcelona suddenly feel like they’re right around the corner.
• Museum Oud Overschie: mementos of the traditional craftsman, shops and small businesses in and around the heart of the old village.
• Rondje Oud Overschie: beautiful cycling and walking route along the edge of Midden-Delfland, a lovely nature reserve in the Green Hart of Holland.