Pernis was once a farming village. Industrial activities may have crept into the area, but Pernis has retained its authentic atmosphere – complete with a music tent and, when the weather is fine, children playing in the streets.

Pernis is on the south side of Rotterdam, along the Maas River. This quiet, green neighbourhood has space and a village-like charm, an interesting waterfront and an exceptional history. Lots of new homes have been built here in recent years, suitable for all age brackets and any budget. And since Pernis is situated along the river, finding a home with a riverside view isn’t hard at all! The residential high-rise on Uiterdijk is an excellent spot, one of the most ambitious new building developments in Pernis in recent years.

What does Pernis have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• Pernisse Waterkant: the perfect place to enjoy the starry skies or the ships passing by.
• Speeltuinvereniging Pernis: at this extensive local playground, you can go ice skating at ’t IJspegeltje, catch a few holes at the Klein Duimpje midget golf course, or check out all the fun playground equipment.
• Water taxi: Pernis has a water taxi dock, so you’ll be in the heart of Rotterdam in no time.

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