Prins Alexander, Nesselande & Prinsenland

Prins Alexander, Nesselande & Prinsenland

Looking for a house with a garden and a school within walking distance? A place where the children can play outdoors in a safe environment? In Prins Alexander, the neighbourhoods of Prinsenland, Ommoord, Zevenkamp, Oosterflank and Nesselande are situated in close proximity and have one key factor in common, besides their very family-friendly flavour: they are on or near the Zevenhuizerplas lake and its many recreational opportunities.

Prinsenland and Nesselande are residential areas in the east of Rotterdam, in the Prins Alexander area. Prinsenland is fairly new; most of the homes were built in the 1990s. It features modern villas and single-family dwellings, with or without a garden, but also sleek and modern apartment complexes.
There is a wide range of schools, preschools and childcare centres in the area, and the public spaces are also designed to accommodate children. You’ll do your grocery shopping in the local shopping centre. Convenient: from the Prins-Alexander station, you can easily catch a train to Utrecht or get the metro to Rotterdam City Centre.

Nesselande is a newly built area on the eastern fringe of Rotterdam, offering housing for the elderly and spacious single-family dwellings with a garden. It is a neighbourhood where care is arranged effectively.  But there is also ample room for leisure and enjoyment, thanks to its location on the Zevenhuizerplas lake, adjacent to the Rottemeren recreational area and the Green Heart of Holland. A beach has been added on the banks of the Zevenhuizerplas, stretching 800 metres and offering space for a game of volleyball or a beach boot camp. There is also a yacht marina with a boulevard.

What does Prins Alexander have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• Pietje Bell adventure playground: the ultimate outdoor play area in Prinsenland, with ponds and playground equipment.
• Nesselande beach: an expansive sandy beach stretching 800 metres along the Zevenhuizerplas.
• Alexandrium Shopping Centre: 140 shops focusing on fashion and interior decoration.
• De Kristal: neighbourhood centre, healthcare clinic, care hotel and library, all in the same building.