The heart of Rotterdam’s port area encloses a lovely green gem: Rozenburg. This island is home to a charming village, surrounded by green spaces, extensive port activities, and industry. It is a place of dramatic contrasts where life is never boring.

The independent municipality of Rozenburg merged with Rotterdam in 2010, but still retains that unmistakeable village feel. Perhaps it’s the characteristic old windmills on the island, or the community garden that opened recently, where village locals tend the rows together day in and day out. The sense of being in a village may simply be the mind-set of its 13,000 inhabitants; Rozenburg is a very active community, organising events that the entire village can enjoy, from open-air markets and cycle races to festivals and community walks.

If you prefer a more individual approach, the Landtong Rozenburg offers solitude. The wind is always brisk there, but it’s a great spot for walking or cycling, fishing, enjoying nature, lying in the sun, having a picnic, going horseback riding, or spotting ships as they go by.

What does Rozenburg have that other parts of Rotterdam do not?

• De Hoop: a grain mill that dates back to 1887. When the blue flag is flying, it’s open to the public.
• De Landtong: a gorgeous nature reserve with lots of recreational options.
• Dorpstuin Rozenburg: a lush orchard and village garden open 7 days a week for volunteers.