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Bastion Hotel Brielle

3 stars ***, Hotel, Regio hotel

Hotel Brielle Europoort offers a comfortable accomodation near Rotterdam,
Europoort and close to Rotterdam’s Ports. The hotel in Brielle is very well
accessible and is ideal for the business traveler who wants to be quickly on
the road. Water sports enthusiasts will also enjoy this area, with the lakes
‘Het Brielse meer’ and ‘Oostvoornse Meer’ in the vicinity. Brielle is a nice
fortified city with many monuments and moreover, a large part of the defenses
have remained intact. Behind the historic facades there are cute shops and
restaurants hidden.

Bastion Hotel
Brielle Europoort is part of Bastion Hotels which owns 5 hotels on every part
of the ring around Rotterdam. The hotels all have a Green Globe certification.