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BlueCity is located in the former subtropical swimming oasis Tropicana. It is a hub for circular companies that use brains, guts, vision and fun in their work towards creating a world without waste. BlueCity is a breeding ground for innovative companies that link their residual flows to each other so that waste can be used as a valuable building block; the output of one entrepreneur is, in fact, the input of another. The goal is to jointly create an inspiring example city for the circular economy.

There are many different startups and small-scale initiatives at BlueCity, and together they show how this should be done and that it is possible. Starting circular entrepreneurs get access to space, guidance and a dynamic network so that feasible and scalable plans are given the opportunity to grow to the extent where they can have a real impact. Examples of this are Aloha Bar’s coffee waste that forms a breeding ground for RotterZwam’s oyster mushrooms and the fruit waste from the market that Fruitleather transforms into a leathery material for bags. And this is just the beginning…

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