Mik takes individual visitors and groups on a tour through Rotterdam and shows them the highlights through the eyes of a local. He provides tours for friends, families and companies. Mik tells his stories, laced with Rotterdam humour. You will hear about the city, its buildings and, of course, about its inhabitants. Savour the ambience of this cosmopolitan city: a city that continues to evolve. From new, groundbreaking, iconic buildings to culinary delights from all over the world.

You can go to By Mik Tours for his Rotterdam Tours:

• The Rotterdam Food Tour will introduce you to various dishes and snacks that people eat in the Netherlands and Rotterdam. You will not only get to taste these dishes but will also learn the stories of how and when these dishes originated. After the Food Tour, you will not only be aware of all the various dishes and backgrounds, but you will also have tasted the atmosphere of the city of Rotterdam.

• The Rotterdam City Tour will show you the different icons of the city and how areas and buildings were established. The tour also shows you what this means for its people, the Netherlands, and its international hinterland. After this City Tour, you will really see and understand Rotterdam properly, and you will be a pure Rotterdam and Dutch international success story richer.

Mik also organises customised tours. For example, for if you would like to know more about the history of the infamous Katendrecht. The tours are for up to 25 people.


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€25,- Seniors
€25,- Adults
€10,- Kinderen

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