The Euromast observation tower, designed by Rotterdam architect H.A. Maaskant, was constructed in 1960 to mark the second Floriade gardening extravaganza which was being held in Rotterdam. At the time, the Euromast was 100 metres high. In 1970, the Space Tower was added, raising the tower to a height of no less than 185 metres. This made the Euromast the highest watchtower in the Netherlands.

The Euromast lift takes just 30 seconds to whisk visitors to a height of 100 metres, where there is an observation deck and brasserie restaurant. There is a 360 view over Rotterdam and its surroundings. The Euroscope revolving lift takes people to a height of 185 metres.

A guide is on hand during holidays and weekends. Euromast is Europe s only attraction from which you can abseil to the ground. Of course, this only takes place under the guidance of a professional.

The brasserie is open from 11:00 a.m. for lunch, afternoon tea, afternoon wine and dinner. Brunch is served from 10:00 a.m. on Sundays. The Deli, a pleasant child-friendly self-service restaurant with lots of sweet treats on offer, is on the ground floor.
Groups of more than 12 people are welcome but a reservation must be made.

The Euromast is in the city's Scheepvaartkwartier district. From Rotterdam Central Station, take tram 8. It can also be reached by water taxi. Paid parking is available for cars and buses can park free at the designated parking places.

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    € 8,75

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    € 6,25

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