Het Park (at the Euromast) & Schoonoord


Het Park at the Euromast was designed around 1850 by Zochers, well-known father and son landscape architects from Haarlem. These men could paint with nature; they designed the water features, the overhanging willows and the picturesque vistas of sun-drenched fields.


The park has a dark green botanical garden, a French-style garden for the Heerenhuys and fields of deep blue bells that bloom in spring. Many trees in the park are over a hundred years old. The monumental plane tree on the lawn along the Westzeedijk is the thickest tree in the city, with a circumference of almost 6 metres. The old trees are alive with insects under the bark and bats in the crown. Tawny owls nest in the hollows and you can hear the spotted woodpecker tapping against the wood. Freshwater mussels live in the water where the grey heron hunts for fish.

Food and Festivals

There are various catering establishments in Het Park itself, such as Parqiet, or on the edge of it (towards the Maas). But most visitors bring their own food: the park is a popular place for picnics and barbecues. Many public events are held in the park, including the Day of Romantic Music and the Heerenhuys concerts, which complement the atmosphere in Het Park well.

Schoonoord garden

One of the city’s green gems is Schoonoord, on the edge of the park on the Kievitslaan. The historic garden was also created by the Zochers. It is a picturesque garden full of surprises. Fountains splash, ornamental chickens scurry around a small farm and an arresting scene hides behind every bend. A beekeeper is active in the garden. A kingfisher lives in the tree next to the Parklaanflat, and long-eared owls from the park hunt in the high trees. Schoonoord is open between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.


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