Jeugdtheater Hofplein

Entertainment district, Theatre stage

A Stage for Young Dreamers and Storytellers

The Youth Theater Hofplein in Rotterdam is a vibrant center of creativity and theater, open seven days a week for children and young people. It offers a professional environment where 11,500 children participate annually in a range of programs, workshops, festivals and performances. Founded in 1985, the theater has developed into an important part of Rotterdam’s cultural scene, with a rich history of inspiring generations of young performers.

Creative Growth and Cultural Participation

Youth Theater Hofplein views every child as a full artistic partner and offers space for self-development, fun and pushing boundaries. Activities range from leisure activities to educational programs and urban collaborations, all designed to make theater accessible to everyone. The theater and theater school are located in two unique locations in the city, of which the Hofpleintheater, with a capacity of 496 people, serves as the primary stage for young performers.