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Kralingse Bos & Plas

Attraction, Nature reserve, Park/garden

The Kralingse Bos is a wooded park that surrounds the Kralingse Park lake. The park is popular with joggers and inline skaters. On and around the lake, you can sail, swim, or just relax in the sun beside your barbecue.

Versatile forest with beach bath, forest and recreation.
Barbecuing at the beach pool, to the children’s farm De Kraal, running around the lake: there is no Rotterdammer who does not enjoy the Kralingse Bos. 

Peace & quiet
The outer ring is wooded and peaceful. In the area between the Manege Kralingen and the golf course you will find quiet paths under tall old trees. There are also few people between the deer camp and the petting zoo. Here you can hear the woodpecker hammering and the pheasants run through the bushes. Do you like romance? Then take a walk at dusk over the bridges towards the windmills De Lelie and De Ster. These are the only still functioning snuff and spice mill in the Netherlands.

With the children
Children can play freely and romp along the beach pool and around the petting zoo, there is a cable car, a nature playground, clambering stones and climbing trees. The clambering stones come from the Delftse Poort, a city station that was destroyed in the Second World War. Children’s farm De Kraal is also accessible with a pulling pound.

Real nature
The garden is located behind the beach pool. This waterfront island has an exciting jetty path over a swamp and meter-high ferns. The kingfisher fishes along the bank, you can recognize it by its velvety blue feathers.
Behind the Heemtuin are the fish ladders between tall reed stems. From the bridges you can see thousands of glittering fish bodies swimming. This is the nursery for young fish that swim into the puddle through the native garden and the carrot islands.

Behind the fish ladders is the insect valley, a marshy and sparse area ideal for amphibians and insects.


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