Maassluis is famous for the old harbor with beautiful historic tugboats and the many maritime sights. It has an idyllic city center with rivers, nice boutiques and restaurants, a large indoor shopping center called Koningshoek, many new construction projects, good facilities, two nature playgrounds for children and various walking, cycling and sailing routes. You can stay at the beautiful Hotel Maassluis or at one of the twelve B&B’s. Maassluis is easy to travel by public transport (metro) from Rotterdam, by car, and by boat. Parking is free in the whole city.

This year Maassluis organized a fantastic new maritime experience; Maassluis Vaart (Maassluis Sails). Weekly boat trips with historic tugboats and salvage vessels that sail the salt waters and an authentic tow barge that goes out on the fresh water. In addition to the unique boat trips, you can also take educational walking tours led by an experienced city guide.

Visitors can contact Ervaar Maassluis Info Centre for information and ticket sales. An enthusiastic team of volunteers will help tourists to plan their visit to Maassluis.


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