The Maas tunnel is the oldest immersed tunnel in the Netherlands. It connects the banks of the Nieuwe Maas River in Rotterdam. The tunnel has four elements, two for cars, one for cyclists and one for pedestrians. Construction started in 1937 and was completed in 1942. This national monument is really in need of maintenance. The municipality of Rotterdam has been carrying out major renovations and restoration since the summer of 2017.

From 3 July 2017 to September 2019, cars cannot travel from North to South through the Maas tunnel but can go the other way so that the Erasmus Medical Centre remains easily accessible. The tunnel will be completely closed for three weeks in the summer of 2019. After this, the tunnel will be open for car traffic in both directions again and should be good for years to come.

The bicycle and pedestrian tunnels will be closed for renovations and restoration from 1 September. The bicycle tunnel will be completely closed for 7 months and the pedestrian tunnel an extra 4 months because the entire floor needs to be repaired. Rotterdam Onderweg (Urban Accessibility) will provide alternative transport during this period with bicycle buses.


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