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RET Fast Ferry

Cruise, Port, Regio attraction

For a memorable outing close to Rotterdam take the Fast Ferry from Hoek van Holland to the Maasvlakte. During the crossing, you’ll see large ships on their way to Rotterdam or remote destinations. At the stop Landtong (Rozenburg), you’ll find a rugged, dune-like area with a rich diversity of birds, flowers and plants. A nice stopover for a walk! Once arriving at the Maasvlakte, you can choose one of many directions: the Maasvlakte Beach, FutureLand Information Centre or explore the Maasvlakte on one of the bicycle routes.

Crossing over to the Maasvlakte (stop Antarcticaweg) takes about 20 minutes. You can take your bike onboard so FutureLand and the beautiful cycling routes on the Maasvlakte are within reach.


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