Rotterdam Ahoy has been providing a stage for live communication, business and entertainment for 50 years. With a brand new congress and meeting centre (RACC), a concert hall and auditorium/theatre (RTM Stage), six exhibition and event halls and an indoor arena, Ahoy is a multifunctional venue in Rotterdam-Zuid.

The Ahoy Arena is mainly used for major concerts, sports tournaments, family shows and conferences and the Exhibition & Event Halls for trade fairs and corporate events.

The doors of the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC) and RTM Stage (concert hall and auditorium/theatre) opened in 2020. RTM Stage is not only the largest auditorium and largest theatre hall in the Netherlands (capacity 2,800), but when the seats are removed completely, it becomes a music hall for concerts and events for up to 7,800 people. This makes RTM Stage unique in the Netherlands in terms of both congresses/theatre and concerts. The RACC has 35 meeting rooms and beautiful and spacious foyers. The smaller rooms are perfect for small conferences, meetings and presentations making Ahoy not only the place for large conferences but also small-scale events.

Ahoy is a 5-minute walk from Zuidplein metro and bus station. Cars can be parked in one of Ahoy’s paid car parks. You can reserve a parking space in advance for a fee.

ParkNBike – Cheap parking and (e-)bike or (e-)scooter rental

Rotterdam Ahoy is happy to help facilitate safe and healthy travel to work: all-day parking at very attractive rates including the possibility of renting a bicycle or an e-scooter. If you want to help unburden public transport as much as possible or have always wanted to go to work by bike or e-scooter in the summer, you now have a unique opportunity. A fast, sustainable and healthy (distance) way to get to work: discover Rotterdam by bike or e-scooter in the early morning and go home feeling good at the end of the day!

A day ticket for ParkNBike costs €4. Check out the other rates and rental options here.

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Tijdens de genoemde openingstijden zijn de kassa's van Ahoy Rotterdam telefonisch bereikbaar. Het loket van de Kassa van Ahoy is alleen geopend tijdens evenementen; openingstijden kunnen hierdoor variëren.