Unesco Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk

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The nineteen windmills of the UNESCO World Heritage site Kinderdijk are world-famous. Crown jewels that are definitely worth a visit. Located in the town of Kinderdijk, in the north-western point of the low-lying Alblasserwaard, the nineteen windmills are located along the storage basins of the Overwaard and Nederwaard. Mills are amongst the most important Dutch monuments, nowhere else in the world are there as many (historical) windmills together in one place. Two of these windmills can be visited and there is also a multi-screen film about the windmill area of Kinderdijk which can be viewed at the Wisboomgemaal Visitor’s Centre.

Museum Windmills
In the Museum Windmill Nederwaard, you can see and experience how a windmill works in real life. Here you will meet a full-blooded miller and can explore the mill – which has been preserved in its original state – both inside and outside. The mill is even set in motion when the wind is sufficient!
The interior still dates back to the fifties from the last century when the last inhabitant left this mill. As you will see in the old-fashioned living room, the inhabitants still slept in a box-bed.
At various places in the windmill, you can watch film clips illustrating life in the mill and how it operates.
Museum Windmill Blokweer is an educative museum that provides you with in-depth information about the Kinderdijk heritage and the impressive mechanism of a mill. With the roar of the windmill in the background, you can see educational footage that provides insight into the workings of the upper house of the Blokweer at multiple locations inside and outside the mill. The information inside the museum windmill is particularly interesting to children because they learn in different ways what it’s like to work with a mill.

Visitor’s Centre
In the hall of the Wisboom pumping station you will find a small exposition. Then you can explore the impressive machine room of the Wisboom pumping station. Amid the flywheels and the centrifuge pumps you can watch a film about the windmill area of Kinderdijk on six screens. The subtitles of which are in four languages.

Tour boat of Hop on-Hop off

The cruiser Vos & Zn will take you on a trip past the windmills. With the Canal Hopper Prins Friso, you can sail and get on and off at four points of interest. This Prins Friso is an open terrace boat that is heated in the winter. The boat tour takes 30 minutes and is also suitable for wheelchairs.

Stop & Go zone tour busses
Read all about the options at www.kinderdijk.com/tour-bus

T/m eind 2020 dagelijks geopend van 12.00 tot 16 uur en 25 december (eerste kerstdag) gesloten.


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