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Floating Farm

Visiting the floating Rotterdam farm

21 August 2019 by Gaylen Vink

Floating Farm is the world’s first floating farm and can be found in Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H), in the middle of the port of Rotterdam. Gaylen Vink is a Leisure and Events Management graduate student at Floating Farm. In this blog, she tells you everything about Floating Farm.

Floating cows

In the beginning, the fact that our cows are not always in the meadow but float on the water will take some getting used to for most people. It’s not the first thing you think of when thinking of a farm. Despite the fact that our cows float, the platform on which they stand is very stable and you don’t even notice that you are on the water. I think the cows are quite happy, they are relaxed, enjoy all the food they can get and are often found lying down chewing in their stall.

Bridging the gap

Floating Farm wants the farm to bring people closer to food production and show that all products, including normal milk, are made with care and craftsmanship. Something you quickly forget when shopping in the supermarket or growing up in the city.

City people

The fact that people from the city are far removed from food production is something I learned for myself when I came to Floating Farm as a graduate student. A visit to the petting zoo was the closest that I had ever come to farm animals. And in terms of knowledge about cows, I wasn’t very well informed. When I asked at what age cows started to give milk, it became very quiet, and you saw everyone looking questioningly at one another. Apparently, as an urbanite, I had missed the memo that cows only start producing milk after they have been pregnant.

‘You can’t get a farm closer to an urbanite than this.’

Farmer Albert

Farmer Albert

To teach me and everyone else a little more about everything on the farm, Floating Farm places a ‘Wednesday Fact’ on Facebook and Instagram every Wednesday. In the Wednesday facts, farmer Albert briefly tells something about the cows, the feed or the machines used on the farm. The facts are brief, informative and offer a closer look at the farm.


I was familiar with different types of milk, but as a city girl, I had never heard of raw milk. Therefore, it is all the more fun that visitors will soon be able to buy and taste this at Floating Farm. Raw milk tastes very full and creamy. In addition to raw milk, pasteurized milk is also sold on the farm. Floating Farm is now open to visitors. Are you coming to visit soon? Check the website for more info.

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About the writer

About the writer

Gaylen Vink is a student of Leisure and Events Management at Willem de Kooning Academy and is a graduate at Floating Farm. As a true city girl, being a graduate student on a farm is a bit outside of Gaylen’s comfort zone, but that’s what makes it so much fun.

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