Mesmerize Your Five Senses

Hielke Grootendorst

Mesmerize Your Five Senses

30 January 2019 by Joycy

Eating out in Rotterdam has always been about more than fries, cheese and herring, yet all too often people don’t know what to expect of the culinary scene in the City of Architecture. Rotterdam is a mosaic of people, cultures, food and architecture and the city’s rich diversity all comes together at Restaurant Bazar. The delightful mix of food, colorful decor and diverse clientele turns every visit at Bazar Rotterdam into a sensory dining experience leaving you wanting more. After a savory meal, our blogger continues with a free art tour as a part of Art Evening, a collaboration of art institutes in the Witte de Withkwartier.

Bazar Rotterdam, where food matches the cool interiors 

Restaurant Bazar Rotterdam has been a local favorite for 21 years and is located in the most vibrant street in the heart of Rotterdam, Witte de Withstraat. From preparation to presentation, eating here is an experience where the flavors take you to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Morocco & Turkey. With dishes starting at € 8,90 people are happy to wait in line for dinner from Monday to Sunday, but also for breakfast and lunch. Needless to say, if you’re in town, making a reservation for dinner is recommended.

1001 Cultures & Flavors

Restaurant Bazar Rotterdam is a cultural meeting point where the love for good food brings people of all walks of life together. From the moment you enter, the colorful lights and decor will have you imagining yourself in a 1001 nights fairy tale while the music sets the tone for a good night. An impressive mix of 15-20 different nationalities work at Bazar Rotterdam and they will be happy to serve you the restaurant’s popular dishes.

Colorful Meet-Ups

Bazar also became a meeting point for me and one of my followers Soezie. Social media is supposed to be social yet so often I don’t even know who the person is behind the like and view. I decided to invite Soezie so we could get to know one another while enjoying a delicious meal.

Soezie is as bubbly and happy as I thought she would be. A few years ago, she did a sewing course and when looking for tips online she found my YouTube videos. During the meal I told Soezie how I recently transitioned my channel Joycy to focus on fashion, capsule wardrobes and art & travel as I’m a fashion artiste who loves to share her creations with the world.

We both chose the shrimps and had them with potatoes instead of rice. And to finish I also had the must-have dessert: baklava!

Even though we had never met, it felt like we already knew each other and couldn’t stop talking. Luckily Restaurant Bazar is also perfect for those who eat late(r) as they’re open until 23:00 from Monday to Thursday and in the weekends until midnight.

Free Art Tour in Rotterdam

Bazar Rotterdam doesn’t have to be your final stop on the Witte de With because near it you’ll find Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art where free art tours are organized every Friday night at 19:00. The tours are part of Art Evening (Kunstavond). This free Art Evening is organized by Kunstblock. This is the name for the collaboration of art institutes in the Witte de Withkwartier in Rotterdam: CBK Rotterdam, MAMA, TENT, V2_, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and WORM/UBIK/SlashGallery/Wunderbar/Performance Bar.

I started my evening by visiting Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and TENT Rotterdam. These art institutions are located in the same building. TENT embraces local culture with an open mind towards the rest of the world, and the art featured at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art celebrates both local and international talents.

At the art center you’ll find a little bit of everything for everyone. I love art yet when I visit some places it can be hard to navigate without the right information. That’s why I loved the guided tour because it allowed me to see and hear things I would have missed otherwise.

As our guide eloquently pointed out, art is like music. Some things might speak to you while other works of art won’t. And sometimes art is more about feelings, color and mysteries without a well-defined meaning which sparks creative conversations.

Art Rotterdam + Dolf Henkes Price

At TENT Rotterdam you’ll find the works of four different local artists nominated for the Dolf Henkes Price: Roxette Capriles, Priscila Fernandes, Emma van der Leest and Evelyn Taocheng Wang. All four are different, with their own unique creative vision that gives you a peak into their world. You can admire their creative world and works of art until 7 February 18:00 when the winner of 12.000 euros will be announced at TENT during Art Rotterdam.

About Joycy

About Joycy

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