Shopping in Rotterdam: Where to go?


Shopping in Rotterdam: Where to go?

As befits a world city, Rotterdam is an incredible place to shop. The extensive selection of shops available range from (inter)national chains to brand and concept stores to trendy local shops. In the city centre, most shops are open 7 days a week.

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat

Like you’re shopping in Paris. The van Oldenbarneveltstraat in the Mauritskwartier is one of the leading shopping streets of Rotterdam, with a host of exclusive fashion boutiques, luxurious shoe shops and charming cafés. The window displays of Nen Xavier, Wendela van Dijk and Mostert & Van Leeuwen showcase stylish high-heels, fashionable outfits, elegant coats and handbags made from the best leather. You’ll find lots of Danish, Swedish and French brands, but Rotterdam designers like Monique van Heist and Susan Bijl are also well represented. Everything in this street is the epitome of good taste – even the flowers from florist ‘s Zomers across the street are high-end.
Shops and stores at the Van Oldenbarneveldstraat

Lijnbaan & Beurstraverse/Beursplein & Binnenwegplein

This is the vibrant commercial heart of the city and is bustling with activity seven days a week. On the Lijnbaan (the first pedestrian shopping area in Europe) and in the Beurstraverse – or ‘Koopgoot’ (‘Shopping Gutter’) as the locals call it – you can find all the leading retail chain stores in one place. From international brands like H&M, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango and the Body Shop to the traditional Dutch HEMA and famous Dutch department store de Bijenkorf.
Stores and shops at Lijnbaan, Beurstraverse and Binnenwegplein


On either side of the Coolsingel, the best-known street of Rotterdam, you’ll find all kinds of shops. Mostly international brand stores like the Decathlon and Zara Home, but also de Bijenkorf, the luxury department store with shop-in-shops of large (fashion)brands.

There are major changes planned for the Coolsingel in the coming years. In 2020, the street will have been transformed into an attractive, green boulevard that will better connect the Laurenskwartier and Lijnbaankwartier.
Shops and stores at the Coolsingel

Plaza & Kruiskade // High End Fashion District Rotterdam

A stone’s throw away from the Central Station you’ll find the High-End Fashion District where international fashion brands and luxury stores are situated. Well-known designers such as Hugo Boss, Antony Morato, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors have opened their stores here.
Shops and stores at the High-End Fashion District

Oude Binnenweg & Karel Doormanstraat

The Oude Binnenweg is a charming historic street while the Karel Doormanstraat is from more recent times. But both shopping streets lie in the shadows of the Lijnbaan – and the big chain stores – and it shows. The shops here are smaller and more focused on specific lifestyles. Many modern men and women know where to find Sissy Boy for basic clothing and interior items of good quality. The youth buy the latest model of Vans from the Vans Store and design enthusiasts add to their dinnerware collection at the Finnish Iitalla. And there are many more interesting shops like these to be found.
Shops and stores at the Oude Binnenweg and the Karel Doormanstraat

Nieuwe Binnenweg

One of the most acclaimed (shopping) streets of Rotterdam is the Nieuwe Binnenweg. A long string of small fashion and design shops, artisan bakeries, old-fashioned barbers, tasty delicatessens and fancy coffee bars leads you from the centre deep into Rotterdam West, a neighbourhood known for its pleasing balance between down-to-earth, multicultural and super hip. And that is reflected in the selection of shops, which doesn’t get more varied than here. From the shop of fashion designer Joline Jolink to the men’s shoe store Corbeau, from the mini garden centre Stek to concept store PLEK: as a shopaholic, you won’t believe your luck.
Shops and stores at the Nieuwe Binnenweg


In recent years, the Meent, located in the Laurenskwartier, has developed into the most glamorous street of Rotterdam. With fashion and shoe stores in the higher segment, such as Scotch & Soda, SuperTrash and American Vintage. Those tired of shopping can relax in one of the many restaurants and lunchrooms that colour the street scene of the Meent.
Shops and stores at the Meent

Korte Hoogstraat

Somewhat hidden in the busy shopping centre of Rotterdam is the Korte Hoogstraat. Here you won’t find any chain stores – with the exception of Dille & Kamille – but fun, surprising shops with unique products. From comics at Yendor, toys at the Zonnewijzer to street fashion at Funkie House and Daily Rush. So be sure to visit this street in the Laurenskwartier sometime, before you head to Beursplein or the Hoogstraat!
Shops and stores at the Korte Hoogstraat

Pannenkoekstraat & Botersloot

From the Meent it is just a short walk to the Pannenkoekstraat, Botersloot and Nieuwe Markt in the Laurenskwartier. These streets are a quirky area full of small scale (second-hand) fashion boutiques, bookstores, design shops and restaurants. You will be amazed by the diverse selection: from the colourful fifties clothing at Very Cherry to the unpretentious clothing and accessories at Objet Trouvé. From the most exciting children’s books at Kleine Kapitein to the sleek (Dutch) design at Depot Rotterdam.
Shops and stores at the Pannenkoekstraat and Botersloot

Hoogstraat (2nd section) & Mariniersweg & Goudsesingel

If you are an adventurous shopper who likes to shop off the beaten track, then you’re in the right place here. Many creative Rotterdammers have opened a store, gallery or coffee shop (or a combination of the three) in this area. Often small in size but big in uniqueness. Sometimes the search takes a while, but that makes the find even more special, right?
Shops and stores at the Hoogstraat, Mariniersweg and Goudsesingel

Witte de Withstraat & surroundings

One of the most popular streets of Rotterdam, both during the day and night, located in the Witte de Withkwartier. Those who go shopping here will undoubtedly find extraordinary things in one of the many clothing and designer shops. From high-end fashion at Margeeth Olsthoorn to South American decoration at Danny de Cactus, from gadgets and designs at Sluijter and Meijer to the latest sneakers at Seventyfive: if you can imagine it then they probably sell it on or around the White de Withstraat. Oh yes, do not forget to visit one of the galleries or art institutions in between!
Shops and stores at the Witte de Withstraat

De Hofbogen

Adjacent to the Oude Noorden are the Hofbogen arches: 2 kilometres of design, fashion and food & drinks under an old railway viaduct. Dozens of creative entrepreneurs have settled here. So no brand stores and big chains but small speciality shops with unique products, run by real locals. Start this surprising shopping route at Station Hofplein which is closest to the centre. From there you walk through the Vijverhofstraat to the northern part of the Hofbogen.
Shops and stores at De Hofbogen

Zwaanshals & Zaagmolenkade & Noordplein

Those who love (vintage) furniture and handcrafted design must be sure to take an afternoon to explore the Oude Noorden. This old neighbourhood has emerged in recent years into a true design paradise. In the historical houses, designers sell their own work and that of other designers, often handmade.
Shops and stores at the Zwaanshals, Zaagmolenkade and Noordplein

Central Station

In the hall of Rotterdam Central Station are all kinds of stores that you can shop at before departure or after arrival. Always convenient for forgotten clothing, toiletries or a last-minute gift. For the latter, don’t miss Love Rotterdam Gifts, Food & More at the Rotterdam Tourist Information, filled with original Rotterdam products and classic Dutch souvenirs.
Shops and stores at the Central Station



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