These artistic accommodations guarantee an extraordinary sleep and/or stay

To sleep or not to sleep: 5 special Rotterdam experiences

Willem de Kam

These artistic accommodations guarantee an extraordinary sleep and/or stay

Let yourself be lulled to sleep on the water, dream intensely in an architectural or historical dormitory or wake up in a work of art. Rotterdam not only offers beautiful, comfortable hotels and trendy hostels, but also increasingly offers special places for ditto experiences. An overnight stay in Rotterdam is as eccentric as you want it to be!

Hotel Not Hotel

1. It’s not a hotel, it’s an artwork

What makes a hotel? The beds? The rooms? The service? In Hotel Not Hotel, a room is not a room, but a work of art. This non-hotel was created in collaboration with various artists and designers from Design Academy Eindhoven. Wake up in art and step into an exhibition-like space instead of an anonymous lobby. You don’t book a room here but an unrivalled experience. Hotel not Hotel has is located next to Central Station and is an ‘exhibition’ that’s open for public day and night.

Culture Campsite

It’s not a campsite, it’s culture

No boring tents or campers at Culture Campsite, only special and sustainable tiny buildings. Three new special spots are being built at this cultural and artistic campsite in Rotterdam: High Rise, Des Res and Rem. The three ‘sleeping objects’ are designed by artists and architects, like all buildings on this unusual campsite. The High Rise – ‘the smallest tower in Rotterdam’ – is built in an old tower crane. Des Res is made of colorful polyester resin blocks and Rem has rammed earth walls, a unique Dutch construction technique. Also possible: reserve a hot tub, make and bake your own pizzas and go on a (drawing) tour. Although the atmosphere is anything but sleepy, you might get some sleep as well.


It’s not a bunker, it’s heritage

As a child you might have visited a bunker once: such a massive, dark structure is clearly made to protect. Cocondo now protects the bunkers and the surrounding (dune)area in and around Hoek van Holland. Along the Dutch coast thousands of bunkers are hidden in the dunes, and Cocondo gives them a new life. This to preserve cultural and historical heritage, to tell the stories behind it and to help protect the surrounding nature. By giving these existing buildings a new purpose, Cocondo offers you a sustainable and wonderful place to stay. This way, the bunkers, dune area ánd your fun will last much longer.

De Ster en De Lelie

It’s not a miller’s house, it’s a monument

Sleeping in Rotterdam’s heritage, with a view of the Kralingse Plas and Rotterdam skyline: it doesn’t get much more ‘Rotterdam’ than that! The old miller’s house, next to the Kralingse Plas, is part of the historic and monumental windmill complex ‘De Ster en De Lelie’: the only two still working snuff- and spice mills. The former miller’s house has been transformed into two luxurious studio’s – De Karot (first floor) and De Ster (ground floor). Here, you’ll enjoy a magnificent view on the lake during breakfast in the garden, with the lush green of the Kralingen forest at your doorstep.


It’s not a boat, it’s a floating cardboard cottage

Are you booking a night at Floating Rotterdam? Then you’re booking a night on the water! Four sustainable ‘Wikkelhuisjes’ – tiny houseboats made of cardboard – float in the water of the Rijnhaven and offer visitors a unique Rotterdam experience. Rotterdam is a water-rich city – known for its great Port of Rotterdam – and therefore, we should enjoy this element a bit more. That’s part of the mission of Floating Rotterdam and eventually, they will offer visitors the possibility of various water sports and cultural activities on the water. But for now – with the terrace, that phenomenal view and the built-in jacuzzi on the deck – a romantic overnight stay in the Rijnhaven is guaranteed.

Or: sleep in a Rotterdam icon!

In addition to the newcomers, Rotterdam also has quirky icons that offer you both a bed and a special experience. Sleep in a square Kubuswoning (Cube Houses), in an Euromast-suite or on the historical steamship ss Rotterdam.

Tips for a mindful and sustainable stay in Rotterdam

Tips for a mindful and sustainable stay in Rotterdam

A day, weekend or week in Rotterdam can be enjoyed mindfully in every possible way, right up to the last minute. Although you will be making big steps exploring the city, your footprint will remain small. Your arrival is ‘green’, your stay is mindful and your recreation sustainable. You will dine locally and – inspired by the forward-thinking of the city on the Meuse and its initiatives for sustainability – you will return home even more mindful. We wish you a vibrant and mindful stay!

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