DEAF & REWIRE: Club Night


Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam


010 4767832

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18 May 2012 - 18 May 2012

DEAF & REWIRE present a night full of cutting-edge club music and experimental beats at DEAF 2012. The program is built around experimental rhythms and bass driven dance music. Kuedo Ital Tek, Kangding Ray and Torus, amongst others, will perform live.


  • Places to go
    Villa Thalia
  • Things to do
    Het Vrije Volk Festival (tbc) / Bergse Bos, recreatiegebied Rottemeren
  • Things to do
    / Robin Rotterdam Unlimited
  • Things to do
    Eyepatch Party / Hostel ROOM Rotterdam
  • Places to go
    Club Vibes
  • Places to go
    BAR (MAVV)