Port of Rotterdam & Futureland


Europaweg 902
3199 LC Maasvlakte, Rotterdam


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Curious about Maasvlakte 2, the land reclamation project in the North Sea? Would you like to know more about dredging at sea, rainbowing on a new port site or loading and unloading at the ultra-modern quays of the largest port in Europe? Come to FutureLand and experience history in the making for yourself.

A new part of the Netherlands and a port under construction: this is as close as it gets. Experience for yourself how it feels for the waves, wind and sand to set the stage. FutureLand Information Centre unfolds the experience for you.

Discover the fantastic view of the work from the Panorama Deck: with your own eyes, through binoculars or through a window into the future. Want to participate in the process of building Maasvlakte 2? Get behind the steering wheel and see how land rises out of the water. Or take a virtual trip over the Maasvlakte as it will look in 2033 with the Future Flight Experience.

All that heavy labour may give you quite an appetite, and Eten+Drinken has exactly what you need: a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and a non-stop view of the work. Where today there's still water, soon there will be a new port site with cranes, port basins and sea-going vessels.

* Free audio tour with the Rotterdam Welcome Card. Worth € 3 *


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