Ahoy Rotterdam


Ahoy Rotterdam
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam


+31(0)10 293 3300

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Conferences, congresses and meetings

Ahoy Rotterdam is a multifunctional events accommodation with a rich history of amazing and inspiring events and exhibitions. With its unique combination of a Congress & Meeting Centre, six Exhibition & Event halls and the famous Ahoy Arena, Ahoy offers a platform for live communication, business and entertainment. All of this with the purpose of creating experiences that will enrich your day, your week or maybe even your life!

Everyone who experiences Ahoy will leave the event sensing that this new experience has enriched his or her life: with a wonderful feeling, for instance, or a beautiful memory, an inspiring idea, a business opportunity, or even a new friendship! It may have been something big, but it could also have been something as small as a friendly welcome. Ahoy offers a superbly rich platform for positive experiences, and this is exactly what Ahoy wants to be for as many people and in as many ways as possible. A positive experience is even more beautiful when you can share it with others. With ten, two-hundred, 850 or even 15,000 others with whom you share a passion and have something in common with. Together you experience something small or something big, on the same day, at the same place: in Ahoy.