Gonzales Barbecue Restaurant


Gonzales Barbecue Restaurant
Charloissehoofd 47
3087 CA Rotterdam


010-283 92 35

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Gonzales is not only a great place for couples wanting a romantic meal; it’s also an ideal location for large groups of people looking for a lovely evening out. Every table has an individual barbecue grill, which is forms part of the table top, and an extractor fan, which is mounted above the table and sucks away the smoke. Guests are expected to do as much of the cooking as possible at Gonzales Barbecue Restaurants and you can take whichever soups, meat, salads, fruit and dressings from the buffet you would like. Children are also very welcome at Gonzales and there are even special prices for children up to 12 years old. Vegetarians can also join in the barbecuing fun at Gonzales.

Cuisine: Bbq, Grill


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