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Wereldmuseum Rotterdam
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The Wereldmuseum (World Art Museum) in Rotterdam is a museum of contemporary cultures and cultures of the past. The permanent exhibition, The Collection, presents two thousand top pieces from all over the world. The museum collection also contains approximately 100,000 objects and 100,000 photos going back to approximately 1860: albums, etchings, maps and atlases, drawings, slides and placards. The 19th century building that is home to the Wereldmuseum once housed the society of Prince Hendrik's Royal Yacht Club. Tours for groups of 10-15 people are available in Dutch, English or German.

The Wereldmuseum is in the Scheepvaartkwartier district and is accessible by tram line 7 or water taxi. It's also a ten-minute walk from the Leuvehaven metro station. Parking is available in the nearby Erasmusbrug parking garage.


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