10 March 2022

Blaudzun is known for his almost ceremonial, distinguished song splendor, which has helped him establish himself as a celebrated artist over the past decade. The breakthrough album Promises Of No Man’s Land has meanwhile acquired the status as a modern classic, although Blaudzun himself continued to break new, exciting paths with projects such as Haty Haty.

After a period of more experimental releases, Johannes Sigmond returns on his forthcoming album Lonely City Exit Wounds to the sound most know him from: grand, compelling and ornamental. However, the roots of the songs start smaller and more personal than ever this time. Real Hero, the first single, was inspired by the sick son of one of Sigmond’s best friends.


Unique industrial location in Rotterdam

Dance events are organized weekly in the Maassilo in different music genres! De Maassilo offers an innovative mix of dance, pop, art and theater. All kinds of dances are regularly programmed here by various party organizers.

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