Garden State

26 May 2021 till 11 July 2021

The group exhibition Garden State shows a selection of artworks from the Netherlands and beyond. The artworks spotlight wild margins from our super-monitored surroundings and examine the ‘garden methodologies’ of contemporary control systems. The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the city of Rotterdam, its port, and its landscape engineering.

As a group, the works aspire to give a non-mainstream portrait of the urban cityscape. Garden State presents critical reflections on various topics including land use, reclamation, mapping, militarism and territory, urban growth, industrial technologies, and their repercussions on nature and ecosystems.

Garage Rotterdam

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Garage Rotterdam is an exhibition space for contemporary art. During the year there are four high-quality exhibitions of artists from home and abroad. Each exhibition is thematic in nature and is curated by different curators. In addition to the exhibitions, there is also a substantive program with lectures, conversations, music and other performances.

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It is called the garage because it is located in the center of Rotter...

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