Gekke Geurtjes (4-10 jaar)

21 January 2023

Doerak, the sniffer cuddly toy, from the museum, symbolizes the detection dogs that work at Customs. He has a keen nose for various suspicious goods. Could you do that too? Come on World Cuddle Day in the museum to listen to stories about team Doerak and test whether your nose is as good as that of a customs dog!


Belasting & Douane Museum

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The Tax & Customs Museum, located in one of the most beautiful parts of Rotterdam, shows that taxes can be fun, even for children. Take a surprising journey through the history of taxes in the Netherlands and find out where the money is, then and now. Or dive into the world of Customs, in which smuggling objects and stories bring Customs' work to life.

Specifieke tijden

Tijdens schoolvakanties is het museum ook op maandagen geopend.

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