28 May 2021 till 4 July 2021

At OMI, photographer Sander van Wettum takes you to popular holiday destinations on the Mediterranean. He shows these places when there are no tourists, in a fascinating journey along desolate landscapes and imaginative buildings. The photo series is about dreams and desires, but also about the impact of mass tourism on nature and the landscape. The coastal towns offer a surreal image when the protagonists are not present. At a time of a global pandemic, ‘Hibernation’ is more relevant than ever. His book of the same name will be presented at OMI during the exhibition.

OMI - Stories about architecture

What is OMI?

OMI presents a varied range of cultural programming and city explorations. At its own location on Schietbaanstraat, with exhibitions, workshops and presentations by various makers. In the city, OMI explores the history and latest developments through personal stories, including Architecture Day and ZigZagCity.

OMI, an initiative of Perplekcity and Ossip Architectuurfotografie, gives makers and institutions the space to present their city programs.

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