Rotterdam West
Iris van den Broek

Rotterdam West

Delfshaven is a melting pot of cultures with a rich history. A picturesque medieval harbour is surrounded by lively shopping streets, trend-setting architecture and creative breeding grounds. Experience the dynamics of the water, the ships and the bridges, discover charming neighbourhood parks, cosy terraces and bizarre art … and meet 70,000 residents of 170 nationalities.

Versatile and lively

Every day is different in Delfshaven. It’s a lively and versatile area of the city. The Delfshaven area consists of 10 districts: Bospolder, Delfshaven, Middelland, Nieuw-Mathenesse, Nieuwe Westen, Oud-Mathenesse, Schiemond, Spangen, Tussendijken and Het Witte Dorp.

One of Delfshaven’s most acclaimed streets is the Nieuwe Binnenweg. A long ribbon of design shops, organic bakers, old-fashioned barbers and fancy coffee bars draws you from the centre deep into Rotterdam West, an area known for its pleasing balance between comfortable and super hip. There’s always something fun to be discovered in one of the side streets too, such as the KINO arthouse cinema in the Gouvernestraat or the MAAK concept store on the Mathenesserweg.

Map of Delfshaven

Map of Delfshaven

The Rotterdam Delfshaven OFFICIAL CITY MAP conveniently contains all the information you need to explore the Delfshaven area. Immerse yourself in the various themes of the lively district and get to know all the highlights of the picturesque Historisch Delfshaven. Get your free printed CITY MAP at one of Rotterdam Tourist Information locations or in the area at meeting point Lil’ Delfshaven.
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Harbour buildings and creative enterprises in M4H

With the development of the Merwe-Vierhaven area (M4H) into a creative hotbed where ideas are tried and tested, Delfshaven is definitely the place to be. This part of the city was mostly industrial for years, but where the fruit and juice companies used to be, creative enterprise is now allowed to flourish. After artist Joep van Lieshout (with his artist driven playground Brutus), designer Daan Roosegaarde also established his ‘dream factory’ here. To do: visit the Floating Farm, a floating barn where cows relax and ruminate, take a walk through the Dakpark, a beautifully landscaped green area with a view over the port and end the day with a drink on the largest terrace in Rotterdam at Weelde or visit one the largest independent breweries in the Netherlands for a cold beer: Stadshaven Brouwerij Rotterdam.



10 x must see sights and activities in Delfshaven

Routes and tours

If you would prefer to get to know Delfshaven better on your own, then choose the cycle route ‘Discover West at its best’ from the brochure Discover Rotterdam. This 14-kilometre cycle route takes you from the heart of the city, deeper and deeper into Rotterdam West. The brochure is for sale (€3) at Rotterdam Tourist Information locations and also has another cycling route and two walking routes. If you want to walk and prefer something digital, then grab your phone and download the free Rotterdam Routes App. Wander through the streets of Delfshaven following the Delfshaven route, based on tips from local resident, historian and city guide Ferrie Weeda.

Of course, you can also discover Delfshaven with a guide. Book an organised private tour (Wild West Bike Tour) with Inside Rotterdam and get to know the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in this relatively unknown part of the city without having to worry about the route.

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Uitzicht vanaf het Dakpark op M4H en de Lee Towers