FENIX (opening 2025)


FENIX will open in 2025. A museum? Yes, and much more. FENIX is a cultural place in Rotterdam, inspired by migration stories from all over the world. About love and farewell, about coming home and feeling at home, about navigating identity or searching for happiness. At the place of departure and arrival.

Through art, stories and flavors, FENIX stimulates your curiosity about the world around you and how it has been shaped by migration. The story of FENIX is the story of Rotterdam. And that of the world. Because migration moves us, always and everywhere.

Discover the theme through the eyes of international artists such as Do Ho Su, Shilpa Gupta, Bill Viola and Omar Victor Diop. In a monumental suitcase maze you wander through personal stories and the Family of Migrants exhibition takes you on a journey through hundreds of iconic documentary photos. Plein is a covered city square of two thousand square meters in FENIX. A lively place that moves with the city.

FENIX is located in a historic harbor shed from 1923 with a modern addition: the Tornado by MAD Architects. Climbing these stairs is an experience and takes you to a spectacular viewing platform high above the roof.